Working Conditions at Foxconn’s Apple Factories Improves

In January of 2012, the Times released a detailed report which depicted unacceptable working conditions in various Chinese plants of Apple’s main manufacturer Foxconn. This report prompted the Cupertino Company to take immediate action and conduct their own audit of the working conditions being experienced, in order that they may address the issue at hand.

The Times has recently released an update of its iEconomy series, which now provides a description of the improvements both Apple and Foxconn have implemented throughout the year 2012, which resulted in significant changes in the manufacturing plants’ working conditions. One of Apple’s initial steps was to reach out to numerous advocacy groups and seek their advice regarding the best course of action to take, after the iPad company garnered results from their independent audit.

Apple also embarked on the hiring of thirty additional professionals to bolster their existing social responsibility division, an act that subsequently tripled the size of that unit and made tackling the poor working conditions at Foxconn more of a priority. The addition of these high profile business activists into the Apple community has clearly harvested positive results, as a significantly improved update from the Times has already been achieved in such a short period of time.

Furthermore, with Apple publicly monitoring more than one million work schedules of employees at Foxconn, one can be assured of the iPhone company’s commitment to correcting these conditions.

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