iSimon Brings Festive Magic To The iPad

iSimon Brings Festive Magic To The iPad

On December 28, 2012, in Apple News, by gairiyah

iSimon is well known for his digital magic that involves the best of sleight-of-hand tricks, and he is back on the web this December to apply his skills yet again to the ubiquitous iPad. Using the iPad makes iSimon unique in his magic, and his performances certainly stand out from his regular card carrying colleagues. The iPad magician has performed previously on the internet on the occasion of Halloween as well as during a video promo of iOS 5 just prior to its official release. This December, iSimon has given his magic a festive twist that is sure to give Apple fans a unique form of entertainment around Christmas.

The online magician has been supplying viewers with a new iPad based magic trick each day, up until the very day of Christmas. In total iSimon has produced a series of twenty four iPad tricks that are all entertaining, with some leaving viewers intrigued and others leaving viewers completely dumbfounded. What’s more, his videos do not only showcase his tricks, but add a dash of festive hints that would have been appreciated by many who were busy with festive preparations.

So for those who love their iPad’s and enjoy a bit of magic, this show is definitely for you. The entire playlist of twenty four videos can be retrieved online and includes tricks such as iSimon taking a tennis ball right out from the iPad display or even adjusting Santa’s beard out of place through the iPad screen as well. There are even tricks where iSimon makes real items disappear into the iPad itself.

With Apple expecting a busy festive season and many new iPad’s having been received on Christmas morning, this is certainly a nice addition to the holiday entertainment. Even though Christmas day has passed, these videos are still worth checking out.

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