Duplicate Item Finding and Other New Fixes Found On iTunes 11.0.1

Apple fans who were closely observing the new iTunes 11 Music Store update would have noticed the addition of many wonderful features, but at the same time the removal of some beloved features as well. Thus certain elements that made iTunes unique, such as Cover Flow and quick access to finding duplicate track listings were found to be missing to the dismay of some users.

Fortunately Apple keeps a close eye on the preferences of users and has thus re-enabled the duplicate item finding feature and a few other fixes this time around with the release of iTunes 11.0.1. This latest update of iTunes also attempts to provide increased responsive ness from iTunes when searching a voluminous library, the appearance of new purchases in one’s library made in iCloud while iTunes Match is activated as well as addressing problems experienced with the appearance of the AirPlay button.

In addition one will be treated to a new streamlined UI, and extra features like UpNext. Generally though, the iTunes 11.0.1 certainly provides increased stability and performance enhancements that are worth checking out.

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