iPad 3 Water Damage Repair in Malaysia

ipad 3 water damage repair in malaysiaThe iPad 3 with its new processing power has never been faster. Enjoy better fluidity with the new GUI, faster browsing and excellent media playback. It also features a stunning new 5 mega pixel rear camera which captures brilliant images and high quality video.

If you find your iPad 3 damaged due to water penetration, do not just scrap it and mourn for days. Instead, bring it to us here at and let our pioneer group of Apple technicians check it out for you.

Should any parts be damaged due to the water, we will replace it for u with the use of only premium genuine parts. No third party parts are used here as we intend to keep it original at all times to meet our industry’s quality standards.

We trust our workforce here at and thus are offering you a 90-day warranty period for any parts replace in your new iPad 3. Should a problem occur with your iPad 3 in less than 90 days, we will have it serviced again or offer you a full refund if it can’t be fixed.

Here at, we value your time.  We are glad to say that your iPad 3 will be received, cleaned via chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning and handed back to you in just under 4-8 hours in a normal situation.

While doing all this, we also practice a green environment concept for our company. We do not use paper for any transactions. Instead, all data and entries are digitally stored in our computers and receipts are email generated and sent to our customer’s emails.

So the next time your iPad 3 accidentally took a shower, do not hesitate nor worry. Just visit us at one of our shops located at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani and rest assured that we will get your iPad 3 up and running as good as new if not better!

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