iTunes Makes Appearance in Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon

Citizens of Moscow and surrounding areas have been anticipating the arrival of the iTunes store for a long time now, and have finally been granted their wish. Russia is currently witnessing the launch of Apple’s iTunes music store and already the online store is starting to fill up fast. The satisfaction of Russian users can be seen in the numerous screen shots of the now-live iTune music store being uploaded on social networks such as Twitter.

What’s more is that iTunes also appears to be making their way into the countries of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Further reports of iTunes Match being found in some of these countries, as well as the option to rent TV shows have also recently surfaced. This expansion of iTunes launches is in some way preparation for Apple’s release of the iPhone 5 in December in three of the four countries mentioned, with Lebanon being the exception.

Citizens of these countries have much to rejoice about with regard to their new online music store, especially the fact that iTunes are releasing some songs with price tags as low as $0.50 in these countries. While this may seem unfair to those in other nations, we have to bear in mind that the price of iPhones here are often in the range of one thousand US dollars.

Apple appears to have strong intentions to further expand in these countries with more than just iTunes, as talks of retail stores opening in Russia and the acquisition of staff for stores in Turkey have already commenced. Let’s wait and see how Apple fairs this December in their new found territories.

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