Apple Employs Scores of Texas Instruments Engineers

Texas Instruments, the company most well known for their production of smartphone and tablet processors, is intending to retrench an overwhelming one thousand and seven hundred of their employees as part of a new company strategy. This huge company lay off comes as part of the company’s new shift in focus towards embedded applications such as the development of in car computer systems.

However, Apple has not let this golden opportunity pass them by, and has already taken to employing many of these talented workers to expand their workforce in Israel. Many of these former employees of Texas Instruments were skilled in the development of OMAP processors as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio chips, so it is no surprise that Apple had an eye on these engineers.

It is understood that Apple’s newly acquired staff will be focused on producing Apple’s Ax processor line and the likes. They will further be under the management of Apple’s senior vice president Bob Mansfield, who recently came out of retirement, and is currently heading the iPhone company’s Technologies division.

Clearly Apple’s interests are geared at developing their semi-conductor technologies, as the Cupertino Company also recently acquired Anobit, a two hundred employee strong fabless semiconductor enterprise which is also based in Israel. With Apple’s expansion in workforce and the procurement of Anobit, it will definitely be no surprise to see new developments surfacing from this front in the near future.

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