iTunes 11 Makes Redeeming Gift Card Simple With the Use of Face Time Camera

There is great news for those of us who are simply tired of having to exert maximum concentration when typing in the sixteen digit long code to redeem an iTunes gift card. iTune gift card holders can now simply have the gift card code effortlessly read by holding it up to the Face Time camera on their computers.

How this new system works, is through Apple recently placing a new option on their iTunes Store on the page one normally visits to redeem ones gift card. In addition to maintaining the old system that requires the keying in of every digit on the card, one will find a new option to use a Face Time camera to redeem as well. Thus the value on the iTunes gift card will be easily scanned and made available for redemption by the card holder in a process that now takes less than half the time that it initially did.

It is details like these that make our transactions so much more pleasurable when dealing with Apple and their services. This faster and more efficient system of scanning is only one of the many new improvements users will find in the iTunes store since the release of iTunes 11, and is also testimony to Apple’s dedication to improving their services for their loyal customers and fans. The new iTunes Store promises so much more for their customers and is definitely worth checking out.

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