iPhone 3G Unlock Services in Malaysia

The iPhone 3G is a faster, more durable and agile version of the original iPhone 2G. The iPhone 3G features a 3.2MP rear camera and also a 412 MHz ARM 11 CPU which is assisted by the new PowerVR MBX graphics engine to make your multitasking a breeze.

To support our local Malaysian telecommunication carriers, you will have to unlock you iPhone 3G. If you intend to unlock your iPhone 3G but you’re too scared that you might end up bricking the phone, bring it to us at and let your team of pioneer Apple technicians handle it for you.

Our resident experts here at value your time and thus, we are able to provide you our services with the fastest turnover time in the whole of Malaysia. We will receive your iPhone 3G, unlock it for your, finalize everything and return it back to you in just under 60 minutes or less!

Should you finally get your iPhone 3G unlocked from our experts, you are entitled to a 90-day warranty period from us. In the case of your phone being less responsive due to the unlocking process, you may bring it back to us where we will ask our expert technicians troubleshoot further or issue you a full refund if nothing works out.

In any case where your iPhone 3G needs a new part, you will be glad you brought it to us as we only use premium genuine parts. No third party parts are used as they would lower our work quality.

We are also a caring bunch when it comes to the environment. All of our transactions are paperless. Everything is stored in our computer and we use the internet as our warehouse. All official receipts are email generated and sent to our customers as well.

So now if you’re too worried about bricking your iPhone 3G, you may walk in to our stores located at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani and we will unlock it for you within minutes for your convenience!

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