iPhone 3G Home Button Unresponsive Repair in Malaysia

The iPhone 3G has never been more wanted in the world. Even until today, the iPhone 3G is regarded as the iPhone which was ahead of its time. It doesn’t look all that much different than the iPhone 2G from its physical point of view but the speed is just incredible!

The signature Apple home screen button can sometimes become irritating by being unresponsive or spoil after a long term of use and abuse. If you are stuck with an unresponsive iPhone 3G home button, bring it to us at and let our team of pioneer Apple technicians have a look.

Here at we are able to provide you with the fastest response time in the whole of Malaysia due to the skills of our technicians. We will receive your iPhone 3G, repair it and hand it back to you usually in just under 60 minutes or less!

In the case of your iPhone 3G needing a spare part to perform a replacement, you will be glad that you brought it to us as we only practice the use of premium and genuine parts. We maintain the originality because we wouldn’t want you to lose the signature Apple feel.

For all repairs and replacements made, you will be granted a 90-day warranty period from Throughout this 90-days, should your iPhone 3G’s home  button be unresponsive or stop working again, you may bring it back to us for further inspection or we shall issue you a full refund if nothing can be done.

We also care for the environment here. We practice paperless approaches to deal with our work. All customer entries are keyed in our computer while our official receipts are only email generated and sent to all of our customers.

So if you find your iPhone 3G home button is not responding to your commands, do visit us at one of our store outlets located at eCurve, Petaling Jaya and at Village Mall, Sungai Petani. We ensure that you will walk out our door with a smile on that face!

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