iPhone 3G Can’t Turn On Repair in Malaysia

The iPhone 3G is a rather face lifted version of the original iPhone 2G. Fitted with a faster and more efficient processor, one can expect the iPhone 3G to be much sleeker at multitasking and at the same time provide a good battery life as well as excellent graphics.

All Apple users will enjoy these added benefits if your iPhone 3G decides not to turn off forever. At, it is a common case for us to receive an iPhone 3G that has problem turning on and rest assured that our team of pioneer Apple technicians will be able to handle it without a doubt.

We are also able to repair your iPhone 3G not only in the most proficient of ways, but also in the quickest of time. Be amazed with our fastest turnover time which lets you give, repair and take back your iPhone 3G in just under 60 minutes!

In the case of any parts needing replacements, trust us when we say that we only use premium genuine parts for all replacements. Our company does not deal with any third part parts as we know that this will lower the quality of your iPhone 3G and we do not want that to happen.

You will also receive a 90-day warranty period from us upon completion of all repairs made to your iPhone 3G. If in this 90-day period your iPhone 3G refuses to power on at your will even if it is one time, bring it back to us where we will try to resolve the issue to the best of our capabilities or offer you a full refund if nothing works out overall.

When it comes to the environment, we at are indeed a green company. We do not practice using paper for our transactions. Everything from customer entries to business deals is made in our computers and official receipts are strictly email generated and sent.

So if your iPhone 3G is turning on at its will and not yours, do bring it to us at our stores located at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani where we will definitely get your iPhone 3G to function like normal again!

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