iPhone 3G Broken LCD Replacement Service in Malaysia

The iPhone 3G has really caught the eye of many with its crystal clear LCD and stability. Fitted with a faster processor, the iPhone 3G can really deliver the needs of those hardcore multitasking junkies out there.

iphone 3g broken lcd replacement malaysiaIt is not a once in a blue moon occurrence that we here at receive an iPhone 3G with its LCD broken. If you find yourself to be in this situation, bring your iPhone 3G down to us at and let our pioneer Apple technicians handle your issue for you.

You will also be pleased with our amazing turnover time which happens to be the fastest in all of Malaysia; we will receive your iPhone 3G make the broken LCD replacement, finalize everything and return it back to you in full working order under 60 minutes or less!

Your LCD will need a replacement as it is broken and it is an added benefit that you brought you iPhone 3G to us. We only use premium genuine parts for all replacements and do not use third party parts as we know that they would lower our work standards and quality overall.

All our customers who got their LCD replaced from us are entitled to a 90-day warranty period from us here at  In this 90-day period, should your iPhone 3G LCD give you any display issues, you may bring it back to us for further troubleshooting or a full refund will be issued if nothing works out.

We are also a very eco-friendly company. We aim to please both our customers and Mother Nature. There are no procedures requiring paper work thus we do not practice the use of raw paper. Everything is done in our computers. Official receipts are all strictly email generated and sent to all our customers.

So there you have it, before you decide to scrap your legendary iPhone 3G, please do bring it to us at one of our outlets located at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani. You can be sure that you have made a wise move indeed!

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