Apple MacBook Pro Repair in Malaysia

Macbook Pro Late 2012 Repair in MalaysiaThe Apple MacBook Pro has been regarded as one of the most beautiful laptops out there. It has a class of its own and its users, a breed of their own. The MacBook Pro is also a powerhouse and can handle a lot of heavy usage at a steady phase.

The MacBook Pro can sometimes be damaged with mishandling, overheating and exposure to impact. Worried where to fix your MacBook Pro? Why not visit us at where our team of expert Apple pioneer technicians will get it rectified with ease.

We at value your time spent with your MacBook Pro. We are the only company that has an unbeatable turnover time among all our rivals. We will receive, repair and give you back your MacBook Pro in just under 1-3 working days.

Another reason you should make us your number 1 service center is because we only use premium and genuine parts. We do not deal with any third party parts simple because we know that a third party part is of lower quality and does not meet our strict standards.

We are also providing you with a default 90-day warranty period for all repairs and replacements made in our shop. If you find that your problem still persists within this 90-day warranty period, please come back to us where we will rectify the issue or offer you a full refund if nothing can be done.

We strive by giving you the best service possible and also by caring for Mother Nature. We do not use any form of paper in our shop. All customer entries are keyed and stored on our computer database. Official receipts are strictly computer generated and sent via email to our customers.

So if you find your MacBook Pro giving you a hard time, you may walk into one of our shops that are located in eCurve, Petaling Jaya and Village Mall, Sungai Petani. We will ensure your satisfaction by providing you with the best service possible at all times under any cost!

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