Apple MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade in Malaysia

Macbook Pro RAM Upgrade in MalaysiaThe Apple MacBook is a rather sophisticated computer which has found the perfect balance between elegance, style and performance. In other words, it is mere perfection at its best. The MacBook Pro features a stock 4GB DDR3 RAM that is enough for most users.

Sometimes here at, we get customers with complaints of the RAM not being sufficient and needing an upgrade to an 8GB version. We will have you know that our team of pioneer Apple technicians will be able to upgrade you RAM for you in no time at all!

Why choose us? Well for one, we are able to provide you with the fastest turnover time among all of our rival companies. We will receive your MacBook Pro, make the necessary upgrade and hand it back to you normally in just under 1-3 working days.

Alongside that, we are glad to tell you that all replacements made are made with full 100% premium genuine products. Originality is our key to success and we believe that using only original parts will maintain the feel of using your MacBook Pro.

If that doesn’t get your interest, well what do you think about a 90-day default warranty period? Much better than the usual 30 days provided by other companies right? If any problems occur with your RAM within this 90-day period, bring it back to us for further scrutiny or we will issue you a full refund if nothing can be done.

We also practice a green concept here at All customer entries are stored in our computer database and official receipts are email generated and sent. We do not utilize raw paper for any transactions.

So if you find that your multitasking ability is too much for your MacBook Pro, all you have to do is walk in to one of our shops located at eCurce, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani and we will upgrade your RAM for you with proper handling and professionalism. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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