Apple iPhone 4S Price in Malaysia

Apple iPhone 4S Price in Malaysia

On October 4, 2011, in iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S Price, by malaysian

iphone 4S in Malaysia available for order here.

iphone 4S announce on “Let’s Talk About iPhone” event. Here will be only place we going to update iPhone 4S price in Malaysia. So stay tune and come back again all the time.

October 2012 Price List

Black Color

16GB – RM2299

32GB – RM2699

64GB – RM2999

White Color

16GB – RM2299

32GB – RM2699

64GB – RM2999



PS: Apple iPhone 5 price in Malaysia NOW! 

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177 Responses to “Apple iPhone 4S Price in Malaysia”

  1. nazr says:

    Damn that expensive,we can buy SII at price RM1899.And i’m sure we all know SII spec isnt much different with this phone,some site even declare that SII better than this.

  2. malaysian says:

    @Nazr, before you try out iPhone 4S you can say SII almost same. When you touch the iPhone 4S, you won’t write this comment again ever. :)

  3. Wanie says:

    Sorry if dis q sounds stupid. But i saw 4s price much more cheaper starting $199 in US. If dis true, Dem i hate being malaysian. Everything so expensive!!

    Yeah i do agree with imalaysia. Iphone roxx!!!

  4. ke ming says:

    how can i buy the iPhone 4S for 16GB White?

  5. ke ming says:

    How can I buy the IPhone 4S 16 GB White?

  6. Joseph Wong says:

    May I know where and when can I get an unlock 4s? I dont mind to order from u.s. and courier it to Malaysia because the Siri is too awesome!! btw are all the function of siri can be use in Malaysia or work with Malaysia sim card?

  7. Walter says:

    I cant wait for this 4s ^^

    Wanie: $199++ tax

  8. malaysian says:

    @Wanie, that’s 2 year contract with the telcom, you can get that price. if you all not a heavy user like me, I’m using yellow man 1GB internet services for RM45 per month without contract will be my best choice.

    So, if some of you wanna buy the iPhone 4S with plan, for the cheapest iPhone 4S 16GB – RM599 you need to subscribe RM350/month x 24 months =RM8100, you just do the math. ;)

  9. a says:

    wanie, that’s the price with 24 months contract. if you want a cheaper iphone, then get the iphone plan with any telco also amost the same as what they (US) are selling.

    don’t be fool by their contract pricing.

  10. Wanie says:

    Ohh tq all for the infos. Hihi i prefer buying the phone alone so i guess have to wait after 5-6 month after they release in malaysia the price will drop a bit the i trade in my 3gs.. Wuwuwuwu! Or should i wait i5? Hihi

  11. qist says:

    hye there, how to to place order iphone 4s?Try to submit by link given, but error on the link.Pls email me.

  12. edward says:

    199usd is with carrier..not net price..

  13. ken pang says:

    I wan order. how soon i can get it>??

  14. Vince says:

    @Wanie … $199 in us is price for 2 years contract ..

  15. abhi says:

    When will you get stock of the iPhone 4S?
    I’m interested in purchasing the Black 32GB model.

  16. B says:

    @wanie that price you see is with 2 years contract. if you’re getting unlocked set without contract from US, it will be around $849

  17. Nissa says:

    Iphone 4s is the new iphone 5. Heard it was named after steve jobs. Iphone 4 steve. God bless.

    Anyway, im gonna buy the iphone 4s as soon as they came out. It works twices faster than the old iphone for. Bought most of apple’s product, never failed me once :) )

  18. cc says:

    even though apple announce iphone 4s will be the fastest product rollout ever, I STILL CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE!!

  19. titany says:

    May I know which operators in Malaysia is offering the best deal? (Red? Yellow? Blue?)

  20. matt says:

    what is the price for iphone 4s 8GB?

  21. pei ling says:

    this is the mobile price right? i don’t want package one

  22. malaysian says:

    @Pei Ling, yes, without package or anything.

  23. aaaaaaaa says:

    Wrong,wrong,wrong…….Iphone 4S unlocked goes for USD 649 ofr 16Gb, USD 749 for 32gb and USD 849 for 64gb. Note that the unlocked version can only work on GSM carriers

  24. qist says:

    How to place order? and how soon can get the phone after place order?One more, how about the phone warranty?

  25. butter says:

    my bf is getting me an iphone 4s…I’ll be having it in the next 2 weeks..he is American so he’s gonna get it form over there…I am so excited..:)

  26. Lee says:

    what is unblock?

  27. faiz says:

    where can i buy it from?

  28. Lockheadf7 says:

    Just wondering, if I am to buy from UK through my friend, does it compatible with malaysia sim card? I dunno, mayb it has region lock or something…

  29. BabyWhiteX says:

    When iphone 4s release in malaysia?

  30. mehdi says:

    very good shape…very nice…i think this phone best phones…i love it i phone.

  31. Alans says:

    Is it the price for geniune iPhone 4S? Where should I claim warranty from?
    There are only Maxis, Digi, and Celcom are authuorized the waranty for iPhone in Malaysia. So, if I buy from you, I can’t get 1 year apple warranty from them.

  32. malaysian says:

    @lockheadf7, yes is not compatible in malaysia. You can request for unlock model, maybe need to require some additional services.

  33. malaysian says:

    @Alans, if you bought from us, you can get 1 year warranty as always, and will be from us.

  34. fiz says:

    i want it.,,! where can i buy the iphone 4s?

  35. boy Z says:

    is this a true price for this phone, and where can i but this phone..?

  36. Jacqueline says:

    So might to ask…black or white colour is nicer?

  37. icoke says:

    i have colleague work at us…. we have compared iphone price both country,malaysia is the cheapness……

  38. philip tay says:

    pls email or msg if iphone 4s release in m’sia johor bahru. i wanna buy

  39. Nathan says:

    i only want to buy the i phone 4s without the plan,wat’ s the price?

  40. ceazsace says:

    when will it be at malaysia? need to prepare cash for it though. i prefer 64gb..but..izit neccesary for such large space? hmm..need some advise

  41. omgwtfbbftw says:

    Siri = Apps for foreveralone

  42. jacky chang says:

    if i order i phone 4s now, when i can get the phone?

  43. yuki says:

    16gb, 32gb and 64gb. got any difference?
    or it help iphone process faster when the GB is larger==

  44. Azura says:

    I really wants this phone. Where can I purchase it? Interested in 32gb white.

  45. Angelow says:

    Stupid statement:

    go singtel website check for their iphone rate plan!!! Dont talk US, look at singapore first

  46. lki says:

    can notify me when it is in malaysia?, can’t wait for it.

  47. dogdogdog says:

    balck and white not same price mie?

  48. ryan says:

    for those who said US is selling cheaper $199, it’s the same here, they are charging $199 because Iphone users must get the AT&T plan which is like our Digi plan or Maxis plan, it’s only 300-400 cheaper as their are tariff in malaysia, be unlucky or lucky, we are using outsider’s product. Take it or Leave it

  49. kenis says:

    when malaysia have sale iphone 4s ya?cause end of this month singapore have sale already o.can i buy the phone from singapore use on malaysia.

  50. Ryan Chen says:

    aiyaaa, got money buy la,no money don’t buy la save it for something more important, groceries, your kid’s school equipments etc. easy what? btw, i’m getting the white 64 gb, can’t wait for it to be launched in Malaysia

  51. David says:

    pls leave me a message when t iPhone 4s is for sale..Thanks!

  52. -How- says:

    what did the contract sign for? :o

  53. tuah nurul says:

    how to get it iphone 4s 32 white

  54. jimmy kok says:

    where can purchase now in malaysia?

  55. Josephine says:

    how and when can I purchase iphone 4s 16gb white? please email me.

  56. NUR says:

    where can i get it ?

  57. jackson foo says:

    pls leave me a msg when i phone 4s is launch,

  58. ladybear says:

    OMG. thats so cool. i really want that thing ONE

  59. veyron says:

    pls leave me a massage too when iphone 4s is selling here.

  60. Hussain says:

    Please Let me know when the iphone 4S is for sale here in malaysia.

  61. Ben says:

    I am using 4s white now Siri is cool

  62. abdul says:

    pls leave me a message when t iPhone 4s is for sale..Thanks!

  63. Elean says:

    Pls inform me when iphone 4s is finally here in Malaysia and East M’sia here, thanks so much :)

  64. William Zonez says:

    Hey guys, could you tell me the actual price for iphone 4s black 32gb or 64gb. I want a confirm price for the phone.
    Please send me the message to my email or facebook.

  65. Anggie says:

    How to purchase iPhone 4S 16G White

  66. peris says:

    how i can purchase i phone 4s white 64gb and how much it costs?

  67. Van Kur says:

    please send me a message telling about how to purchase and how much the iphone 4s(16gb) cost?? i appreciate that.thanks.

  68. Max Lam says:

    Email me for the price inquiry.

  69. emami says:

    really i wanna fix price and when will purchase in malaysia please inform by my mail TG

  70. celine law says:

    email me the actual price?

  71. Samantha says:

    Pls email me when the iphone 4s is available
    Thank you

  72. jia yi says:

    whn iphone4s is for sales?

  73. Ibiq says:

    Sent me the price of 16g black iphone 4s and how to buy it?

  74. Show ! says:

    When will iPhone 4s be launch in Malaysia ??

  75. hiu says:

    can i book early ? black iphone4s.

  76. Leon Weince says:

    Please leave me a message when it reach Msia.

  77. melinda says:

    i want to buy iphone 4s here in malaysia where i can buy now please reply to my email iphone 4s 16GB black color…thanks

  78. Dave says:

    i want to buy iphone 4s here in malaysia where i can buy now please reply to my email iphone 4s 16GB black color…thanks

  79. Ara says:

    Send me info or any updates on iph4s pls..thnks

  80. Caroline says:

    Do the Iphone 4s comes with apple one year warranty? Apologies if i asked a stupid question.

  81. arepeace says:

    let me know when iphone 4s will come in Malaysia? and where I can buy it in Malaysia?

  82. Caroline says:

    Hi does the phone come with apple one year warranty ? Sorry if I asked a stupid question . Thanks

  83. malaysian says:

    @All, yes, iphone 4s with 1 year warranty!

  84. Kelly says:

    where can purchase now in malaysia? can i book early ? pls leave me a msg when i phone 4s is launch, T.q~!

  85. louis ng says:

    i want to confirmed order of 1 unit of i phone4s with 32GB black colour, pls email and reserve for me, tqvm

  86. Dorina says:

    where and when can I get Iphone 4s 16gb white,please email me…Tanks

  87. Dorina says:

    Where and when can I get IPhone 4S 16G white?
    Please email the details. Thanks!

  88. arra azzalea says:

    please update me when iPhone 4s reached malaysia.. Reserve 64GB white colour.. Thanks alot! ;)

  89. Gen Sleegers says:

    Hi. I’d like to know whether you have unlocked iphone 4S 16GB or is it with carrier. Please pm, thanks.

  90. Azeez says:

    I would like to by iphone 4s, white color, 32gb.

    Thank you.


  91. Venny says:

    How much iPhone 4s white 32gb ?

  92. linges says:

    where can i get iphone 4S in penang?

  93. Katrine says:

    I would like to buy iphone 4S, white colour, 16GB. But, I do not want to register with any phone package. Plx let me know am i able to get it? When it is be available in malaysia?

  94. aarti says:

    please let me know once its in the market,waiting eagerly for it,thanx,will be thanxfull if i get it .

  95. elissa says:

    please where can i buy iphone 4s

  96. Junkeong says:

    How is the price for iPhone 4s white 16 GB??

  97. Yvonne says:

    Where can I get IPhone 4s (Black Color – 62GB) in MALAYSIA ? Because I would like to buy one .. Please inform me .. thank you ..

  98. coco says:

    I would like to by iphone 4s, white color, 64GB.

    Thank You

  99. Faiz Zulkifli says:

    Hye. I would like to know how much is 4s white 16gb cost?i mean the latest update pricing in malaysia. And how do i buy it? Pls reply me asap.

  100. Jase Chin says:

    Please let me know when the iphone 4s is available in Malaysia?

  101. ceyvron says:

    I would like to by iphone 4s, white color,16GB.

    Thank You

  102. elaine says:

    please let me know when the Iphone 4S white launched

  103. shan says:

    can you please email me when iphone 4s is out in malaysia? thanks. :)

  104. says:

    Hi, i have iphone 4S 16/32 white unlock set for sale.. i cant find a reseller in malaysia.. for pricing please send me an email..

  105. king li ti says:

    i want to buy iphone 4s white colour is 64 GB.


  106. rennie su says:

    please let me know when the Iphone 4S white launched….

  107. Cheryl says:

    Please let me when the Iphone 4S will be launched in Malaysia ? What is plan , how much of it ? Comparison vs Samsung Galaxy S II

  108. Shadman says:

    pls tell me the price of iphone 4S ], black,16gb……….pls let me knw the price and when can i buy it, thnxxx

  109. mazen says:

    I would like to buy iphone 4s, white color 16GB.
    where and when?
    Thank You

  110. dickson says:

    i would like to buy a 16GB white color iPhone 4s.
    please send me an email for the location that sells it.thank you

  111. JensenTan says:

    i wan iphone 4s but i have no money T T

  112. mike wong says:

    Can I get 16GB white in KL now ?

  113. suki says:

    When iphone4s will launched at mly?where can i buy?

  114. Amiera says:

    can iphone 4s get unlocked in malaysia?

  115. Alex Ngu says:

    I want to buy 1 I phone 4 s 16 g white. Kindly text me if avaliable.

  116. steven says:

    i want buy white iphone 4s.

  117. Dahlya says:

    When will iPhone 4s will be release in Malaysia email me

  118. crystal says:

    hi , may i know whr can i purchase the iphone 4S now?
    thank you

  119. kelvin says:

    pls tell me the price of iphone 4S, black,16gb……….pls let me kn0w the price and when can i buy it, thanks.

  120. malaysian says:

    Please be inform we have 10 new units for subscribers. 16GB black rm2690/unit, 32GB black rm3190/unit. Reservation booking basis. Rm300 deposit needed, walk-in customers will charge rm150 extra. Please iMessage or email to for our company account information, thank you.

  121. mahdi says:

    im looking for the 16gb black

  122. reens says:

    i would like to buy iphone 4s black 16GB.LET ME kno once it is available in malaysia …mail me plz

  123. Nalyssa Lee says:

    Hii ….booking rm300 pay first? n then can take the iphone4???

  124. malaysian says:

    @Nalyssa Lee, we already sold out at the moment. We will update in this comment or our facebook status soon for new stock available. Thank you.

  125. Onzy Chow says:

    May i know when can i get the phone? i wanna order the black 1

  126. jasper says:

    hi, kindly email me best price for white and black ip4s 16/32/64, warranty, include what full set,and take how long to deliver to kuala lumpur. thanks

  127. Joan Lee says:

    When can buy in Malaysia…got any digit centre plan…..

  128. Jin Kee says:

    Who wanna buy latest iphone 4s? i have one.

  129. diya says:

    difference between locked and unlocked?

  130. diya says:

    iphone 4s for sale..a few me..

  131. cindy says:

    i want a iphone 4s 16gb in white….where can i buy?how much?

  132. chew yin says:

    can you please email me when iphone 4s is out in malaysia? thanks

  133. hafiz says:

    Siri support at malaysia ?

  134. renz says:

    i want 1..diya please let me know if u still have iphone 4s..

  135. anis says:

    whare the iphone 4s will sell at selangor??please email me~

  136. Krishna says:

    hye there i would like to sell my iphone 4 and trade in to iphone 4s is anyway i can know hw much i need to pay extra in order to get iphone4s

  137. Ian says:

    Hi, I would like to buy an Iphone 4s 16GB black. Pls email me the location.

  138. malaysian says:

    @krishna, yes you can.

  139. Aisha says:

    please inform me when the new iPhone 4s is launched. pleassee. thnak you

  140. rash says:

    plz email me when launch or after…i wana get it 1

  141. apple user says:

    i want it 1, white colour inform me when this phone is launched………..

  142. Nic says:

    how much is the white iphone 4s 64gb?

  143. elly says:

    i have iphone 4s but it still can’t be used.can u pls unlock/jailbreak for me…

  144. Shammen says:

    I Would Like To Purchase The iPhone 4S 16GB,Black Colour..Its Awesome Man !

  145. yen says:

    now i phone 4s how much ????

  146. Unthunder says:

    iPhone 4S 32GB and 64GB still availble stocks?

  147. siti hajar says:

    want i-phone 4s 16GB

  148. caesar says:

    hi.. do you have the black 64gb stock in KL store? how much it’ll be cost?? i am planning to go there this weekend.. thank you…

  149. arief says:

    how much price of white colour iphone 4s??? iwant 32 gb…

  150. zunaidah says:

    hi.. can i know where can i get iphone 4s white colour 16gb? N i heard dat if we wanna buy dat phone we’ve got to be in contract n must have plan… can u explain to me about this?

  151. Vong Wee Fang says:

    May i know about the new price for iphone 4S now at Malaysia?

  152. Tyka Arshad says:

    Where I should buy this one ? Hmm , I really want this .

  153. mrss hani riaz says:

    may i know the exact date of iphone 5 come?

  154. malaysian says:

    @Tyka Arshad, where are you located?

  155. I live in Damansara , where can i find the Apple shop nearby?

  156. Harry Richter says:

    please make me an offer for one original Apple Iphone 4S 32GB incl. shipping to Germany.
    Also a offer please for Iphone 4S 64GB !
    Is it possilble to pay through PayPal ?

  157. jessie says:

    what i9s the original price of the iphone 4s??????
    in malaysia

  158. Amir Danish says:

    I really love to buy 1 of them where can I buy those

  159. raafiq says:

    what is the latest price for i-phone 4s???

  160. raafiq says:

    what is the latest price for I-Phone 4s16GB & 32GB?????

  161. saim viks says:

    very good price

  162. crsytal huan says:

    may i noe wats de price now ?? N where to buy dis ??? i live in kota damansara…….

  163. Esther Wong says:

    May i know the price of iphone 4s now in Malaysia without plan?Planning to bought another new phone!

  164. crystal says:

    is this phone also suitale foe 12 years old children

  165. V.Rajesh says:

    can i know the exact price of iphone 4s in malaysia

  166. Gege says:

    can i know the exact price of iphone 4s and iphone 4 in Kulalampur

  167. siaofongting says:

    i want to know the price for iphone 4s in Sarawak.. Any one know?

  168. malaysian says:

    @Siaofongting, everywhere is same price in Malaysia, unless you get it from normal handphone shop. Thank you.

  169. megan gabrielle lai says:

    can i get a lower price? because i relly want to buy 2 white iphone 4s

  170. megan gabrielle lai says:

    and unlocked sim if you don’t mind :) and i’m just 13. i want this because for my sister’s b’day and one for me

  171. Megan Lai says:

    I need two white,16gb iPhone 4s but may I have it in a lower price?

  172. ct says:

    i live in Klang where can find the apple shop, i want buy 1unit of iphone 4s ?

  173. Piet says:

    I wanna to buy i phone 4s in Labuan,,,but,i do not know where?

  174. zee says:

    want to know the price for iPhone 4s white 16gb ?

  175. Nanthini says:

    May i know about the new price for iphone 4S

  176. Duyen says:

    Would I have newest price of iphone 4S white 32 gbs?
    And possible to ship to Vietnam? Thanks!

  177. yan says:

    May i noe the latest price for i phone 4s black16 gb…thanks

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