Apple iPhone 4 Price in Malaysia

Apple iPhone 4 Price in Malaysia

On June 8, 2010, in iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4 Price, by malaysian

Updated September 2012: Apple iPhone 5 in Malaysia available for order now! Apple iPhone 5 price in Malaysia check it today!

UPDATE 04-10-2011: Brand New iPhone 4S in Malaysia – please visit the post here. iPhone 4S Price in Malaysia is here!

If you wanna buy iphone 4 in Malaysia – please visit our previous post at here.

The awaiting iphone 4 just launch today by Apple. All iphone 4 features already posted on previous post and this post will be update with latest apple iphone 4 price in Malaysia.

April – July 2011 Price List

Black Color

16GB – RM2190

32GB – RM2590 RM2550


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184 Responses to “Apple iPhone 4 Price in Malaysia”

  1. Sky says:

    Is this locked version or unlocked version?

  2. erlangga says:

    the price is this confirmed?

  3. malaysian says:

    @eriangga, the price will be around that one but for now might be slightly higher.

  4. Ken says:

    iphone 4g is available in MY so fast ?

  5. rave says:

    Hi! This iphone is using MicroSIM. Malaysia here got microSIM ah?

  6. ozzie says:

    how to order?i would like to order iphone4

  7. alem says:

    show me the white one plz..thx!

  8. aaren says:

    i4 white 32gb.

    reserve one? when can get it?

  9. aaren says:

    i4 32gb white.

    when can get it?

  10. Aareny says:

    i4 32gb white. When can get it man?

  11. Renren says:

    i4 white 32gb. When can get it?

  12. aaren says:

    i4 white 32gb. when can u get it?

  13. NeL says:

    impossible so cheap

  14. shan says:

    What is i pone 4 price

  15. amir says:

    i want to order i phone 4 g…..pls let me know how?

  16. Helmy says:

    is the micro sim available in malaysia already? if not then whats the point of getting iphone 4 now.

  17. chin says:

    i heard that iphone 4 can’t unlocked in m’sia….is that true???
    micro SIM available in m’sia???
    and whr ur shop r located ???

  18. Chris says:

    Iphone 4 white 16gb.. please email me for more detail of pre-order. thanks. can i get unlock sim too?

  19. tom says:

    i4 16gb white

  20. Anderson says:

    iphone 4 white 16GB,when can get it?

  21. Vigneiswaran says:

    WOW ! I was over the moon when I heard you guys are willing to sell the iphone before apple launches here but after I saw the prices of the phone I almost cried…Its like rm1000 difference than the original price… cn u reduce it a lil bit??have mercy on students please :)

  22. malaysian says:

    @Vigneiswaran, this is the best price for the first month, the price will be change periodically. We try our best to provide your need but right now have at least 1 million pre-order have been made so do you think apple have enough stock for it? This the price for let our guys to queue up and get the real iphone 4 for us.

    How To Pre-Order

    1. Please check the iphone 4 price here:

    2. Minimum DEPOSIT RM1500 for 16GB and RM2000 for 32GB to


    4837 934805

    Lim Cheng Chiang



    Lim Cheng Chiang

    3. Please sms and email us your detail to 016-2332426 and

    i. Name:

    ii. Contact:

    iii. Transaction number:

    iv. Address:

    v. model and color:

    vi. unlock or lock set:

    Estimate Time : 1 July 2010 – 21 July 2010


    Due date for first batch: will be 24 June 2010

    Limited units only 8 for first batch: 4 units left to order.

  23. malaysian says:

    This only limited for 8 units, 4 units left for order.

  24. sky06 says:

    Microsim not available yet but you can cut your own sim to micro sim size
    worth to get iphone 4 le :)

  25. Kenneth Lim says:

    but iphone 4 is not launch in MY with micro Sim Card… after purchase is unable to USE!

  26. mawardee says:

    Where’s to collect the iPhone 4?
    The map provided is invalid url
    and can not be accessed.

    Would you consider to ship to our address?

  27. Elly says:

    micro sim is in Malaysia d.. else how to use ipad?

    i sooo want one! *sigh*

  28. malaysian says:

    @Elly, this post we talking about iphone 4. If you wondering how we going to use it with ipad, we can prove using the normal sim can cut it be like a micro sim, super easy!!

  29. dirtdiver says:

    whats the different between price apple sell and price we order. which one is correct?

  30. malaysian says:

    @Kenneth lim, you can cut your normal sim to be micro sim. Tested.

  31. malaysian says:

    @Mawardee, we tested the link and working well:

  32. malaysian says:

    @Dirtdiver, the different is without the sales tax, custom tax, travel cost, runner cost and services and so on… If you get it by yourself 100% will be cheaper since you can using your own time. Hope you understand, thank you.

  33. Vigneiswaran says:

    When are you guys gonna reduce the price??

  34. malaysian says:

    @vigneiswaran, the price will reduce just after the iphone 4 malaysia launch.

  35. Patrick Ho says:

    Do you have the units at your shop?
    This is your shop address, correct?

    F33, Ground Floor, CMC Centre(Giant), Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, Cheras, 56000, Kuala Lumpur.

  36. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    hi friend, do you provide Iphone 4 Unlock service if the unit bought from US itself?

    Let me know, thanks!


  37. malaysian says:

    @Patrick ho, our iphone 4 not yet reach our store. If so sure a tsunami happen infront of our store. :D

  38. ahxun says:

    Hi bro,
    i just updated my iphone 3gs to version 4.0, is there any ways to unlock/jailbreak it?


  39. heman says:

    i4 16g USD199, else RM2490 / RM2590….why>?

  40. ain says:

    Do u provide the factory unlock version (unlock by apple factory) if do let me now pls

  41. ain says:

    Do u provide the factory unlock version (unlock by apple factory) if do let me now pls.

  42. BJ says:

    Do u provide the factory unlock version (unlock by apple factory) not a jailbroken, if do let me now pls.

  43. malaysian says:

    @BJ we will only selling factory unlock version. But limited unit for now.

  44. calvin says:

    i wan the iphone 4…i can i order?and tell me the confirmed price…

  45. calvin says:

    i wan iphone 4 sim free set…wat is the confirm price….n hw can i get it?

  46. aaren says:

    iphone 16gb and 32gb best price. email me and date to arrive..

  47. malaysian says:

    @bb, call lucas @016-9123 987

  48. malaysian says:

    @aaren, will be update here.

  49. ali says:

    hey , iphone 4 white in stock ?

  50. timipre says:

    I want iphone4g, i want to know if it is out and the price of phone in dollar, the one i can use in malaysia and in my country Nigeria

  51. malaysian says:

    @ali, later this year will get it.

  52. malaysian says:

    @timipre, anywhere in the world. Mostly supported.

  53. Bonnie says:

    i want know ur address in Malaysia. i’m in Viet Nam. I want buy it. How? can u sent mail ur answer 4 me,plz. Thx!

  54. Yusuf says:

    i want buy more can you tell me plse where can i buy i am in Malaysia

  55. Mike says:

    Can you tell me prize iPhone 4 16 gb in Malaysia?

  56. tehO says:

    when can i get it after i place my order?

  57. malaysian says:

    We have ready stock now. So you can get anytime! Contact us now…

  58. Cindy says:

    how much the iphone 4 cost now ? i wanna know..

  59. Monty Senarath says:

    I want to buy a iphone 4 16 GB. Please let me know the price in dollers to send it to MALDIVES [FULL AMOUNT]

  60. Monty Senarath says:

    I want to buy a apple iphone 4- 16 GB. Please let me know the price in dollers to send it to MALDIVES. [ FULL AMOUNT]

  61. macy says:

    would like to know if iphone 4 in WHITE colour available in Malaysia now? and about how much is that in 32GB?

  62. malaysian says:

    @Macy, at the moment we don’t have any white color iphone 4. Please patiently wait for it!

  63. aien says:

    i like iPhone 4 it is interesting

  64. ayie says:

    iphone 4 still available from you?
    can I buy with monthly payment?

  65. malaysian says:

    @ayie, currently we still don’t have easy monthly payment available. We do accept cash, online transfer, credit card.

  66. aiieen says:

    im very interested for iphohe 4…but its very expensive

  67. Eddy says:

    Hi, buddy. Can i know iphone 4g price plus two year contract? I wan the exactly price. Please tell me A.S.A.P.
    … Any white one available??
    Hope i’ll get the answer promptly.

  68. malaysian says:

    @Eddy, we don’t have contract plan. Only for people don’t want contract only.

  69. ayie says:

    where your shop? can I direct to your shop to buy?

  70. ayie says:

    where your shop in malaysia?
    can i direct to your shop?

  71. Eddy says:

    Then, what’s the approximated price of iphone 4g If i want to Next end of the year which is around november of 2010 ?

  72. Eddy says:

    ?Wad’s the price of the iphone 4g If i want to buy next year?? Around november of 2011 ….. Answer me A.S.A.P. Thanks.:-D..

    ?And wad’s the difference between got contract and No contract?

  73. abejoe says:

    Can trade with XXX desire ?How much ?desire used just 2 month old with waranty…

  74. malaysian says:

    @ayie, yes. We are at here:
    Store name:
    G-22-B11 & G-22-B12, IT Centre Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100, KUALA LUMPUR

  75. malaysian says:

    @Eddy, will be same.

  76. malaysian says:

    @abejoe, we only accept trade in for apple products, thank you.

  77. ayie says:

    Can You give the best price if I want to buy more unit? please send to my emails.

  78. TF1 says:

    wow,Apple Iphone 4 sgt menarik & membuat saya jadi gila…*
    di sini ingin saya kongsikan sedikit masalah saya sekarang :(
    saya dalam proses untuk membeli gadjet terbaru,sekarang dalam fikiran saya hanya ada Blackberry Bold 9700 & Apple Iphone 4 sahaja…saya tidak mahu membeli kedua-dua gadjet tersebut tapi hanya mahukan salah satu daripada gadjet tersebut :) … Ini sangat memeningkan saya kerana dalam masa yang sama saya tidak dapat membuat keputusan…tapi yang membuat saya menjadi gila adalah jika dibandingkan asas gadjet terbabit…Blackberry Bold 9700 mempunyai fungsi bluetooth & tidak mempunyai sistem video call…Apple Iphone 4 mempunyai bluetooh tetapi hanya untuk sesama Apple Iphone sahaja (t’kilan) & mempunyai sistem video call…Apa pendapat anda? saya masih tidak dapat membuat keputusan yang betul sehingga kini ~boleh jadi gila jika berlarutan :( ~

    (“Dalam Memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu Sebagai Bahasa Ibunda”)

  79. abhinav says:

    i wanna buy it in month of march nxt year …
    js mail me ur address … plsss

  80. Low Eu Gen says:

    Hi….I am interested in tthe iphone4.I would like to know where I can get an iphone 4 at a cheap price but not a fake one.

  81. gabriel says:

    My sister is going to be in Malasia in a few days,so I would like to Know the prices of the iphone 4 (16 and 32) so, if its convinience I ask her to buy it for me. I Would need two of them

  82. faidhi says:

    pm me ur best price for 16g n 32g plz..tq

  83. cyty hajjar says:

    love it!!!

  84. Vckie says:

    Do you have ready stock for unlock iphone 4 16GB?
    how much is the price? any extra charges if i pay with credit card

  85. malaysian says:

    @Vckie, yes we have stock-in NOW! Credit card payment will be charge 3% on total bill. thank you!

  86. malaysian says:

    @faidhi, price is still same.

  87. stephanie says:

    Do you have easy payment for the iphone 4???12 months or 24 months??

  88. damon says:

    can u tell me i-phone 4 8 gb price .

  89. Oscar says:

    is the iphone 4 16gb nett price?

  90. malaysian says:

    @Oscar, this is current price. :)

  91. Rachel says:

    What if I trade in a iPhone 3G 8g that’s in good condition? How much do I still need to pay for the iPhone 4?

  92. malaysian says:

    @Rachel, please contact us for trade in price or visit us @ our store

  93. chong says:

    is the iphone 4 16GB best price?

  94. Ah ENg says:

    Hi, can I use iPhone 3GS to trade in iPad ?

  95. malaysian says:

    @Ah eng, yes you can, just need to top up and you are deal. Thank you.

  96. Sylvester says:

    im waiting for the white iphone 4, how long should i wait for it?

  97. malaysian says:

    @Sylverstre, this year won’t be available. Let see next year.

  98. wong siew pei says:

    bila ada warna putih?

  99. nhel says:

    i would like to buy a brand new iphone 3gs.

  100. semren says:

    i want to know the current price of iphone 4 16gb….

  101. lida says:

    I just want to check the price.but I dident underestand.can u please tell me?

  102. zachariah says:

    pl give me the latest price of iphone 4

  103. Ho sy says:

    Like to buy one iphone asap. What is the best price now at Kota Kinabalu.

  104. rica says:

    buy cash…

  105. shaz says:

    iPhone 4 (16GB) current retail price RM2999

  106. christa says:

    I was just wondering, if you have a trade in?
    iphone3g for iphone4..

  107. malaysian says:

    @Christa, yes we do.

  108. im says:

    is there any more stock for iphone 4?

  109. malaysian says:

    @im, yes we do have stock available. Please contact us for more information, thank you.

  110. M. P. Chung says:

    May i know what plan is most suitable for iPhone 4? Currently i am using Digi family plan only. Any suggestion? Thanks!

  111. malaysian says:

    @M.P Chung, maxis and digi also good, as long as your area is supported. :)

  112. Steven says:

    Can those prepaid phone line,used for iPhone 4? Also, does the apple ID that we used in iPad, use together with iPhone?what if I get two iPhone, can the same apple ID be used at the two phones at the same time?

  113. malaysian says:

    @steven, yes you can.

  114. christy says:

    can tell me the latest iphone price at P.J,K.L?

  115. malaysian says:

    Please check the post now. ;)

  116. Ricky says:

    how much is it for I Phone 4 in malaysia??

  117. Kelly says:

    Hi.. May i know what is the different between 16GB & 32GB?

  118. timipreandie says:

    I have iphone 3gs but it is giving problem when i make a call i can’t hear and the person i call too can’t hear i just want to know if you can repair it for me thank am waiting to get a reply

  119. kaza says:

    hi, iphone4 also can CCM?

  120. ktman says:

    where should i get i phone4 in Kuala terengganu area. whats the price

  121. kiruboy says:

    I wan to know the real price of 16GB, and where to buy?

  122. mimi says:

    How much i phone 4 for 16gb n 32 gb? ready stock?

  123. malaysian says:

    @mimi, please call for pricing. We have ready stock!

  124. malaysian says:

    @kiruboy, please contact us for pricing.

  125. Ting says:

    I would like to know iphone 4 16gb recent price now. white color.

  126. Ting says:

    When is that white color available??

  127. malaysian says:

    @Ting, this coming spring.

  128. kelvin says:

    have a creadit card installment??

  129. malaysian says:

    @kelvin, at the moment we don’t have installment yet. Thank you.

  130. mostafa says:

    last price i phone 4 please

  131. malaysian says:

    @Mostafa, this is our best price. if you interested iphone 4 32gb, let us know. Thank you. 016-2332426

  132. eiyta says:

    hi, i just nak tanya macamane i nk check iphone tu original ataupun tidak??? u ada cara2 macamane mahu check x???

  133. hola says:

    i more like iphone 3gs then iphone 4 because the design more cute.

  134. len says:

    iphone 4 white can be jailbreak?

  135. len says:

    iphone 4 white can be jailbreak?

  136. malaysian says:

    @len, Yes, we can. Please bring it to our store for more information.

  137. zanariah zainal says:

    i want to buy iphone4 for my daughter. where i can buy in JB?

  138. malaysian says:

    @Zanariah, please reach us

  139. miller89 says:

    Who is the person to be contact with?

  140. catherine says:

    can i know if i want buy iphone4 32gb by today, did u got stock? Pls let me konw the price for black colour iphone4 32gb… thanks!

  141. ellen says:

    got white color 16gb?

  142. ellen says:

    i want white color 16gb,got?

  143. ah far says:

    bro ada tak warna hitam lagi 32 gb…
    harga sama atau tukar…

  144. YONUS says:

    IPhone 4 white 16gb need best deal to get 1……?

  145. shamal says:

    i from india can u ship i phone 4 16gb to india….?? at what price ..?? and payment mode…??

  146. says:

    Do u Have iPhone White 16GB ?

  147. NSSR says:

    will buy iphone4 soon.

  148. MENERGY says:

    Iphone 4 is the best

  149. Shanz says:

    Iphone4 SImply superb!

  150. John Rainbow says:

    can i trade iphone 3G for iphone 4 ? but it not working coz software breakdown (cant restore 1015 error) dunno y…

  151. John Rainbow says:

    got white 16g??? i wan that

  152. arina says:

    iphone 4 in white was freakin’ awesome !! love it !!

  153. yeo chun xiang says:

    i love iphone 4 but i haven’t got any phone

  154. AxelNvivi says:

    i like i phone 4 a lot…..nice to hold n superb graphic….huhuhu but…..the new samsung galaxy s 2 has arrived….huhuhuhu which one i should buy… me :-(

  155. Nasir uddin says:

    i want to buy i phone 4 but i don’t have money right now huhu
    when i got money then i will buy….

  156. deenen says:

    will buy iphone 4 soon…………omg the apps….. wooooooooooooooooo……w..>>>

  157. pren says:

    i like too i phone 4 my Dreams to buy I phone 4 but till price highest.

  158. yaya says:

    iphone 4 and 5 are here

  159. power says:

    aku nak beli 15 biji la gini

  160. Gautheman says:

    Hi, how much is an iPhone 4 16 gb in normal dealers. Without a contract. Do you have an office in Ipoh? Please reply soon. Email it to me at

  161. mazhar butt says:

    i phone 4 is best is n 1 phone

  162. punya says:

    i am going to buy iphone 4 rather than iphone5

  163. Nicholas says:

    iphone 4 white col. is that stock available now ..?

  164. yoyo malaysia says:

    hey , it’s a dream to have an iphone!

  165. Tevosha says:


  166. Kumaran says:

    nice phone..i love it

  167. soon says:

    wat price the white colour iphone 4 ?

  168. Nalyssa Lee says:

    hye,can trade in my Iphone 3Gs wth Iphone4…i just want to know if can or cannot trade in my iphone

  169. murtad says:

    hi.what about monthly payments? do you do those?If i find u buyers,can we work out some commisions?

  170. murtad says:

    pls email me price if i buy in bulk.tq

  171. malaysian says:

    @murtad, please contact us for more information, thank you.

  172. stan says:

    brape price iphone4 now?

  173. William says:

    May i know what is the iphone 4 prices now?

  174. soffie says:

    i want to buy it but cannot

  175. soffie says:

    i want to buy but cannot

  176. Leon says:

    How much is iPhone 4 16 GB?

  177. gary says:

    Now have iPhone 4 white 16g?I want to buy it..

  178. MILA says:

    I wanted to buy IPHONE 4,may I know,the dealers in Malaysia,KL.I am staying in PJ.If there any possiblity to trade in Samsung Ace and buy IPHONE 4.


  179. nadmicky says:

    my dream phone >_<

  180. Amin says:

    Which one is better iphone 4 or iphone 4S….n how much is it? I wanna buy, pls email me.

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