Apple Iphone 5 in Penang – Kedah – PJ – KL – Malaysia – 100% Unlocked Iphone 4S (Inlcuded Iphone 4 – iPhone 3GS – Iphone 3G)

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2012: The new iPhone – iPhone 5 in Malaysia NOW! You can figure out the iPhone 5 price in Malaysia.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2011: Brand New iPhone 4S in Malaysia Annonced! You can check the iPhone 4S Price in Malaysia.

AND NEW Iphone 4 Malaysia -You can order now. The estimated price for iPhone 4, 16GB and 32GB will be RM2299 and RM2699. If you need it you may book now by calling us at 016-233 2426.

ps: Say goodbye to 8GB; there will be no more new 8GB iPhone anymore.


Second hand iPhone 3GS and 3G in iMalaysian. He have a bunch of original Apple iPhone’s for sale!

Dealing method: COD.


Contact method/details: contact(@) or call me at 016-233 2426

—Item(s) conditions: second hand, without iPhone box and charger. Just with the USB charger.

Reason for sale: Trading; we have 0 units iPhones 2G and 3G at the moment!

ITEM DESCRIPTION:1) No deposit required. Don’t have to worry about scams. Just COD (cash and carry). We also use hardware unlock (eg. hardware downgrade etc); check out which of our stuff is for you.

Price update on April 2011

Second hand iPhone price:

1.Apple iPhone 3G, 8GB will be around RM699 – RM799 (depending on condition)

2.Apple iPhone 3G, 16GB will be around RM799 – RM999 (depending on condition)

3.Apple iPhone 3GS, 16GB (100% software unlocked) will be around RM1199 – RM1499 (depending on condition)

4.Apple iPhone 3GS, 32GB (100% software unlocked) will be around RM1599 – RM1899 (depending on condition)

Where can reach us? You can find us by following the maps below:

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114 Responses to “Apple Iphone 5 in Penang – Kedah – PJ – KL – Malaysia – 100% Unlocked Iphone 4S (Inlcuded Iphone 4 – iPhone 3GS – Iphone 3G)”

  1. larry says:

    Brand new, never used.
    - Sent straight from from Iphone USA
    - Come with a pouch, data cable, stereo headset, home charger
    - Manufacturer warranty
    This is a brand new never used Iphone 3GS . Still has the sticker on it with pictures to prove it. Comes with a full year warranty along with an extra in box never used pouch.
    Brand New and unlocked to all networks..
    Comes with full 12 months international warranty.
    Sealed with complete accessories.

    For more information, send us an
    Original Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB In Black & White

  2. Wan says:

    Sori.correction. 05.12.01

  3. malaysian says:

    @Wan, yes we can, only hardware unlocked. Contact our consultant for more information. thank you.

  4. NG says:

    best price for iphone 3G 8GB???

  5. malaysian says:

    @NG iphone 8gb 3G we don’t have in stock now. We only have iphone 3G 16GB, iphone 3GS 16GB and iphone 3GS 32GB. Please call us for more information.

  6. malaysian says:

    @Kahlan, please contact us for more regarding advertising. thank you.

  7. NG says:

    How bout 2nd hand iphone 3g 8gb and 16gb???what the best price???

  8. malaysian says:

    @NG, call us for more info. thank you.

  9. Fira says:

    I’m searching Iphone 3G 8gb and 3Gs 16gb, plz, write the price for both of it. n do u have discount or no?

  10. malaysian says:

    @Fira,Please call for the latest price. thank you.

  11. peggy says:

    hey there, currently i having a problem of updated the latest version of my unlock and jailbreak iphone through itunes and it can’t turn on once after the updated completed! Do u have the service of being unlock it? my model is 3GS 32GB. Thanks

  12. malaysian says:

    @peggy, the solution will be coming out soon.. please stay tune!

  13. chepic says: looking for second hand i phone 3gs much the good price u give it?any discount?or can u post that item?

  14. saya ada Iphone3gs
    ada masalah dgn dia punya tak tau knp plak screen tba2 ada masalah tak blh buka..skrg ni sy ada hantar kat kedai hp tuk di repair tp dia org ckp tak dpt lagi SOFTWARE utk update iphone sy tu
    Tolong sy mcm na nak repair HP iphone sy tu..
    Hp: 019XXXXXXX @ zulfan
    terima kasih

  15. malaysian says:

    @muhammad, not your screen problem is your software problem. contact us when you get it, thank you.

  16. malaysian says:

    @chepic, the price will be some different but our quality is the top one. thank you.

  17. alvinyap says:

    software unlock ? what’s that ? hear from my friend said that mean cant update the software ? why ? i am still considering for the iphone 3G…before that i have to know all that about iphone 3G….Tq~

  18. fatty says:


    do you provide service to downgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 for 3GS?

  19. Razib says:

    I have iphone 3g with bootloder 5.9 with baseband 05.13.03. I cant unlock my iphone by software. Do u can hardware unlock? and how much it cost?

  20. Bata says:

    Are you able to unlock the updated 3GS now?

  21. rahani says:

    saya sgt berminat nak beli iphone 3Gs 32GB.saya nak tahu harga terkini dan bleh pos tak?coz saya berada di trg.

  22. sadee says:

    made from where this iphone? and i want to ask something how much iphone 3g at KL now?

  23. fira says:

    I want to buy Iphone 3G around 2ooorm

  24. malaysian says:

    @Fira, yes we have the rm2000 unit, please call asap, only the last piece left. thank you.

  25. malaysian says:

    @sadee, of course this will be available from original apple factory. iphone 3g price stated on the page above.

  26. fadil says:

    home button hard to push..
    how much to fix it..

  27. ejad says:

    price for new Iphone 3gs?

  28. ejad says:

    How much its cost for replacement new batery iphone 2g?

  29. ejad says:

    how much does it cost for replacement new batery Iphone 2g?

  30. malaysian says:

    @ejad, yes,we do replacement iphone battery. Please contact our consultant for more information.

  31. malaysian says:

    @Ejad, iphone 3gs price is roughly like in the post, plus minum.

  32. qarl says:

    i would like to have secondhand iphone 3g at minimum price. . .can u suggest one for me. . .

  33. Tomm says:

    hi i thinking want to buy iphone but wht is the driffrent between unlock software and the ori pls explain

  34. pamela says:

    im from sarawak, i want 2 buy new iphone3gs and i dont know where can i get it,any store in sibu can u recommend me?

  35. malaysian says:

    @pamela, yes, we can get it for your. 16gb rm2490 and 32gb rm2990

  36. cec says:

    can I get iphone 3gs 32gb for 2nd hand?

  37. rahimazlini says:

    my iphone 3gs facebook app was hang? how to solve it?

  38. malaysian says:

    @Rahimazlini, just reinstall the facebook apps. done!

  39. malaysian says:

    @cc , yes. call us or come to us at here:

  40. malaysian says:

    @ejad, rm150 will be the base price, call us for more info.

  41. malaysian says:

    Fadil, will be around rm180 for iphone 3g and rm185 for iphone 3gs.

  42. oon wei leong says:

    i wan sell my iphone 16g3g how mush u will offer

  43. Igor says:

    How much is new Apple Iphone 3gs32gb

  44. malaysian says:

    @Onn, please contact our consultant for more information. thank you!

  45. malaysian says:

    @igor, you can check the price on this page, thank you!

  46. krin says:

    when iphone 4 available in malaysia?

  47. jake says:

    im from ypu ship here?

  48. Alireza Dayyani says:

    I need 20 unlocked apple iphone 3gs 32. Can you supply?
    Inform me about prices please.


  49. subash says:

    im from subng jaya, i want 2 buy new iphone3gs and i dont know where can i get it,any store in subang jaya or petaing jaya can u recommend me?

  50. Kitty says:

    Hi, need to check did iphone 3gs got 4GB?? and how much for the price??

  51. malaysian says:

    @Kitty, there is no 4GB 3GS in this world. You can get 8GB 3GS very soon…

  52. malaysian says:

    @subash,we recommend maxis or digi. But u don’t wanna get contract with them can be buy from us. Thank you!

  53. CS says:

    Halo, what is the latest price of second hand iphone white 3GS 16GB?

  54. ann says:

    how i can know that i get the real iphone,not copy & paste from china??

  55. malaysian says:

    @Ann, come to our store and have a look before you buy. We only repair and sell original iphone.

  56. jenny says:

    second hand 3g 16gb white colour second hand got? how much?

  57. malaysian says:

    @Jenny, please contact us if you want this unit. tq

  58. amir says:

    I’m plan to buy iPhone 4G, where can i get it n how much?

  59. Stevie says:

    brother….cm u pls advice the latest price for iphone 3gs 16g asap….really need 2 change hp since mine already kaput!!!

  60. shirley says:

    Iphone 3gs 32gb unlock wat price now ?

  61. malaysian says:

    iPhone 3GS second hand is now RM2499, official unlocked. Still new. :)

  62. mali says:

    how much is I phone 3GS/8gb

  63. maxkenzie maxnyson says:

    with this information, soon i’ll get iphone 3gs from my father during my birthday!!!!!!

  64. jin says: much convert iphone 3gs ver 4.1 for jailbreak (unlock)

  65. malaysian says:

    @Jin, 3gs very soon can be jailbreak on 4.2, please patiently wait…

  66. Samantha says:

    Hi, do u accept or buy 3GS 16GB white? I wanna sell mine.

  67. malaysian says:

    @Samantha, yes we do. Please contact us asap.

  68. amos says:

    i need a farely used iphone much?

  69. Felix says:

    Hi, do u accept iPhone 3g 16gb fully factory unlocked? I have one black, one white..

  70. Cherry says:

    Iphone 3gs 32gb white izzit still new 1 thx

  71. ryu says:

    may i know the price of iphone 3gs,3g and 4g (new)
    then what the diffrent with 3g and 3gs?
    the diffrent with 3gs and 4g?
    thanks a lots

  72. Naruto says:

    Hi, I want to buy 2 pcs iPhone 4… what is your best offer price?

  73. malaysian says:

    @Naruto, the price is same. :)

  74. Cary says:

    Hi there, I’m in US now, if I would like to buy the iphone4 in US,
    Would you able tohelp me unlock it? What is the charge?
    They say I can buy it without contract with AT&T. I am a MAXIS user, how can I get the Micro SIM CARD to use for this phone.
    Please help as I’m going home soon.

  75. chan says:

    are u sure that iphone 3g second need 1199-1399?

  76. Joanne says:

    Hi, i got a used 2 month iphone 3gs 32 g for sale ..
    White colour.. How much can i sell?

  77. jay says:

    hi,….i using iphne 3gs….what mean by unlocked and locked????

  78. sk says:

    hi interested with ur phone..its white in color rite..
    any reason for selling the in good condition? no bugs or defects rite?

  79. Eric says:

    Louis,do u provide unlock iPhone bought from USA?

  80. malaysian says:

    Yes we do, starting monday 29/11/2010 onward. Please take note.

  81. Fizlee says:

    How much does it cost if i wanna repair my iphone 3gs 32GB. the only problem is its power ic… please reply asap? and how long it will take for u to fix it?

  82. malaysian says:

    @Fizlee, it’s gonna take weeks to get it done. We will suggest you to swap board rather than fix the ic, this will be just around 30 mins.

  83. khir says:

    if my iphone 3gs cant switch on n stuck at apple logo what is wrong with it..can u give the estimation of cost to fix it with u

  84. malaysian says:

    @Khir, please contact us for the pricing. We might able to help you. Thank you.

  85. adila says:

    do u still have 2nd hand iPHONE 3Gs?how much is it now ? and is it in a good condition ?

  86. iman says:

    do u have iphone 4 32gb? how much for 1 unit?

  87. malaysian says:

    @adila, yes we have, very good condition, and just look like new. First come first serve basis.

  88. Wan says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a second hand iphone. My budget is about RM1k, maybe a little bit over. I don’t want to spend to much becos I’m lose phone alot.
    Can I get a decent working iphone from you with such a budget ?

  89. malaysian says:

    @Wan, iphone 3g is possible to do it for you. Please contact us for more information. thank you.

  90. Juliana says:

    I want to buy the Second Hand Iphone 8GB BLACk for RM1199.
    Please help me…..
    I’m buying with my own money….. :)

  91. malaysian says:

    @Juliana, you are at the right place!

  92. syafiq zainuddin says:

    hello..i’m intrested to buy iphone much the price should i pay to get ipone 3gs..thank u…

  93. arvin says:

    My I phone 4 is locked and recently i have updated to 4.3.1
    can u unlock my phone?

  94. malaysian says:

    @arvin, please bring to our store, we might able to help you.

  95. JoeCheok says:

    Looking for iphone 3gs white for around 1K. Any left?

  96. youssef says:

    I m interesting to purchase a big quantity for iphone 4 and if you have also Apple laptops, i need more than 100 pcs each, so i m still waiting for your reply.

    Best regards

  97. lowlah says:

    wanna ask. hw much u sell iphone 4? new & 2nd hand one.

  98. Jhn Rainbow says:

    i got prob wif my iphone 3g, it cant restore (1015 error)
    can fix it? if can tell me

    me also find for iphone 4 (budjet rm 2k)
    got it?

  99. Hasif says:

    After ordering, how can I pay? Monthly ?

  100. venisha isha says:

    its so expensive

  101. Halim says:

    Hello ,i have problem with iphone i have charge 100% and its drain extermely fast and the is hot while charges and i have check with one shop at Digitall Mall and they said the board have consume battery.Need you help!!!

  102. Fatimah says:

    went to sell iphone 4

  103. citra says:

    hi.i want buy ip3gs much sell?

  104. Zalira says:

    hi there.i want to trade in my i-phone 3g 16gb and buy from your side i-phone 4 32gb..kindly advise either this is possible??

  105. mandy says:

    Hi there,

    How n wer can i buy the iphone 4s. i want both black n white for 16gb n 32 gb.
    Can provide any best price??

  106. Rashdan says:

    Hi There,
    Where can i buy iphone 4s now…???

  107. aranuar says:

    heyy, i wanna noe, where can i unlock the iPhone 4 in Kuala Lumpur area. i’m buying the iPhone 4 at México. so, i want unlock my iPhone 4 at Malaysia. can i get / know where iShop at there ? Thank You.

  108. albert says:

    if got 4s 32GB OR 64GB stock,pls mail me and let me know pricing. thanks

  109. linges says:

    hie ter wer can i buy iphone 4s in penang for cash?

  110. vegenesh says:

    hi,im having a iphone 3g.the screen came to black when i was messaging my fren. im not sure about the problem that cause it.can u please mail me whats the acctuall problem and would u like to buy it from me?how much would u offer me?

  111. lingkabao says:

    hi, I have an iphone 3G which has logic board problem. No IMEI, no ICCID, restore needed shown. Can’t restore. Can’t boot. Totally dead. No sound. Is this possible to repair?

  112. malaysian says:

    @Lingkabao, Please contact us at Thank you.

  113. qila says:

    hello, im from sabah. where can i buy iphone 4s from here? please tell me as fast as u can. i need to buy it now.

  114. Ooi Chengyi says:

    Great to see all customers love it. Thank you!

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