Genting Ghost Story

Genting Ghost Story

On May 6, 2007, in genting malaysia, by malaysian

I wonder if any Malaysians have not heard of this story. It was a horrifying hit some years ago about an encounter with a pontianak.

It seemed one late night on the old road to Genting Highlands, before the new road was opened, a couple, husband and wife were driving downwards heading home after having their holidays. After passing a tunnel, their car began to have some weird sounds. Curious, the husband decided to stop along the roadside to check on the engine. The road was deserted as it was late at night. The husband opened the bonnet of the car and began examining the engine with his torchlight.

While the husband was busy finding out what happened to his car, the wife sat quietly in the car waiting for him. Some 15 minutes passed by and the husband was still busy with the car. The wife just sat there patiently, she was beginning to wonder what took him so long. The eerie silence was a little too much for her as there was not a single sound at all.

Suddenly, she heard a loud motor sound coming towards her car. In need of help, she called out loudly to the motorcyclist, who happened to be a policeman. She was shocked as the policeman rushed to her with a panic frenzy, opened her car door, and ordered her to quickly jump onto his bike. The wife hesitated at first, but seeing the policeman was in a state of shock, she followed his instructions obligingly.

Jumped onto his bike, she asked the policeman what was happening. He didn’t reply her, but ordered her not to ever look back to her car. As they sped down the road, the woman took a peek at the side mirror of the motorcycle, and there she saw the most horrifying thing — a pontianak with long hair and dressed in white was sucking her husband dry in front of the car!

This story happened years ago, when the old road to Genting was still at use. Now that the new road is opened and there are more cars than last time, the road isn’t as deserted as before, so do not worry about the pontianak. However, do take precautions, especially when you hear some weird noises coming out of your car……

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24 Responses to “Genting Ghost Story”

  1. zeous says:

    is it a real? definitely scared me out!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Yes it is very true i heard it from My Grandparents friend and He WAS THAT POLICEMAN !

  3. Jo Fann says:

    why like dis!!!genting highlands got ghost!?!?!

  4. Sarah says:

    Yes Genting highlands got ghost but I dont cll it ghost, they are jins

    Why Jins?
    Genting Highlands is one of the worlds biggest spot to Gamble especially in Malaysia. Jins are used to protect those who is using other jins to win during gamble. I believe most of people who gambles stop by the temple for some good lucks and all, they are more jinss in there. The Genting highland jin is extremely strong or not the whole place would be very unpredictable.

    So don’t be shock :)

  5. Cat says:

    There is no Ghost, that my is statement.
    Spiritually, yes. I never have a chance to see it.

    Let do some basic know how to tell is there a spirit beside you or around it present. Smell, e.g. rotting (something dead), burn (smell like a pc. of iron you burn it over a flame, it give out a type burn small), fragrant (flower); a chill, when a spirit pass by you, e.g. inside a house there is no air-con you happen to go walk in to a room, basement you find the place chill; hear, voices you cannot understand what it mean, or sound something like chine, wood cranking, heavy breathing, etc. Sight, e.g. shadow, image, etc. Dreams, this the most scary part. Once in everyone get to have a bad dream. Spirit from another world, it possible you can it in dreams.

    Wish to see one and tell you next time. How ghost looks like. End of my comment, sweet dream and best of luck, you find one or in your dream and share me your experience.

    I leave this to you there is no Ghost.

  6. durga says:

    so scary…..i don wan 2 go 2 genting anymore…..

  7. aki says:

    actually…the road to genting…long time ago it was a *kampung bunian*(home of those ghost)…but we disturbed them…that’s why…accident always happen in there,karak highway

  8. hanzani liyanaarachchi says:

    the story is soooooo scaryyyy!!!!!!!!!
    i dnt wonna go 2 malay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sam says:

    I dont believe in pontianak,if is true then how bout vampire??I really wanna meet 1 and make me immortal..never die and never age.. :p

  10. villanzkelvin says:

    well its true about the story..i am from pahang and have heard this story many times..guys just watch out when u r using this road man.i mean now there are no story like this already in karak highway…but just b alert when u r using this road. :P

  11. Rose says:

    Hi,I worked in GH in 1975 but then I left Malaysia in 1981 to marry a Swiss.I heard many stories (not only ghosts) since then from my relatives in Malaysia,but never have came in touch with this one…ha ha ha’s creepy,though,rrrrrr..I wonder if the apartments behind the hotels are still there,but I think they have all dumped down for the new buildings.
    Well,greetings from Switzerland and hope there wouldn’t be too many ghosts around anymore at Genting.Rose.

  12. SHAN NAIR says:

    Here’s my story of Ghighlands. I am an insurance agent. My Insurance company would have conventions every year at any hotels in Malaysia. Year 2009, We [my company] held it in G.HLDS. This time the hotel was First World Hotel. We, I and my room mate Harun attended this convention and was enjoying every bit of it. The final event was a free for all where you can have as much of beer as you want and dance all night long. I had few mugs of Carlsberg to be honest more than my body could tolerate. I felt dizzy and extremely tired so I went back to my room leaving my room mate Harun in the crowd. Harun didn’t want to follow me to the room cos he told me he is enjoying himself with the party.We had our own separate key cards. I got to my room and dozed off. Suddenly after roughly about 2 hours of sleep or so, I was awaken by a feeling of ‘ TOUCH’. I could feel somebody licking the soles of my feet. I could feel the tongue licking the entire soles of my feet. I got full control of my senses and tried to justify the thing that was happening to me at that time. I was asking myself 100 questions, who is that licking my feet ? I dare not look at the ‘ PERSON’. After about 20 minutes, I braved myself and slowly raised my body and look at the ‘PERSON’ who was doing so, LICKING THE SOLES OF MY FEET. I could see very clearly, 1 wall lamp was on , the the room is not so dark.To my greatest surprise, I saw my room mate Harun licking the soles of my feet as if he was licking a very delicious ice cream. I stared at him, he stared at me too and still kept on licking my feet.
    A few seconds later he smiled at me, I smiled back at him. I didn’t know what to do, how to stop him or the next course of action. I was not in full control of myself, as I’ve said earlier I was a bit drunk. Suddenly, I heard someone opening my room door, this is the CLIMAX of my experience , HARUN came in and on the main light of our room. The [HARUN] who was LICKING THE SOLES OF MY FEET for more than an hour just VANISHED. I didn’t tell anyone the incident until we reached our home. That particular day, I didn’t sleep at all. The alcohol that I consumed earlier diluted as fresh mineral water inside my body when I saw my room mate, THE REAL HARUN entering my room. This is my real life experience that I am sharing with everyone. I could not give any advice to anybody on how to be extra careful or whatsoever, if any of this THINGS happened to you, you are on your own. Either you play along unknowingly or just keep your eyes close and let those things just pass by you. There is no Wrong or Right in anything that you may have done at that particular time. BYE.

  13. Annie says:

    Genting still got the old road????
    Still got ppl use now????
    Cos i always ask my friend still got ppl use the old road?
    My friend say no more already…..

  14. Shawty says:

    Omg!! Never wanting to go there again.Especially with my boyfriend :/

  15. History says:

    * 30 Jun 1995: 21 orang terkorban manakala 23 yang lain cedera dalam kejadian tanah runtuh di jalan susur Genting Highlands. Kejadian itu dipercayai berpunca daripada hujan lebat yang mengakibatkan air turun laju dan menghanyutkan pokok dan tanah berhampiran terowong Karak.
    Definitely haunted>>

  16. Khatijah says:

    OMG! Mr.Shan Nair, may god bless you. Your said story about your experience is truly bone chilling. I will never ever go to Genting Highlands unless it is a 1 day trip. No putting up in any hotels there, no way at all.
    I just couldn’t imagine the soul suffering that you might had endured at that time. Thank god that [Harun] didn’t harm you. I guess if your friend the real Harun didn’t show up on time, that evil thing might had done something on you. Since the day I read your story, I just couldn’t take it out from my mind. I am very sure that your God protected you from that evil thing on that day. Please take care Mr. Shan Nair, whoever may you be, my prayers are always there for you.

  17. sharmani says:

    Mr. shan nair yr story its really dark…make me scareyyyy….fuyohhh u reali a brave man 2 face this kind of situation……time god…..

  18. thorghashini says:

    very scary.and i like to know what is pontianak.

  19. NoName says:

    karak highway is’nt it?

  20. Spiderman says:

    why don the man slap the pontianak or hit her with his torch or pull her hair?

  21. Ranger Zed says:

    Pontianak is known as Vampire in english,but I really want to see the real pontianak cuz I’m not afraid of silly ghost trying to scare people away,huh? Its seems the old road is still open till now,i have heard that lots of accident were happen in the old road,when the accident happen the people whom was dead there and their soul was left there,until midnight the clock sharp at 2pm to 3pm if you drive along that road you will see a woman with a long hair and white dress on it standing in beside the road,that same happen to me when i’m on my way to genting !! So do I believe this things or it was just my imagination,well there is only one way to find,going back to genting see if the ghost still exist or not….probably she was waiting for you……..

  22. missugly says:

    this story actually was happen at karak highway not at genting . it was at my hometown , u can watch it in karak movie :)

  23. Seethings says:

    Genting Highlands is haunted by many many ghosts. Don’t ever stay in the hotel room on your own and don’t bring any strangers (esp pretty girls) into your room.

    You will die a terrible death and nobody will know how you die inside.

  24. Anonymous Turtlez says:

    Born on 1998 #

    I heard it when I was 9 and I was under the pillow after I heard it :3

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